Hi I'm De'Chelle "Elle" Pierson,  mother, nurse, smile enthusiast, and dream chaser. My journey is similar to many of you who work in the healthcare industry. We save lives, comfort those in need, and often times badge out of our shifts exhausted and still searching for our life's purpose. While being a nurse has been gratifying, there are times when we have asked ourselves, am I fulfilled, am I happy, am I living out my life's purpose?  Taking the time to answer these questions lead me into entrepreneurship. 

Incorporating entrepreneurship into my profession as a nurse has allowed me to repurpose my nursing knowledge and still impact the community in ways that are gratifying. If you have every thought about stepping out of your comfort zone and starting a business as a healthcare professional, I'm here to tell you, you can do it! The day I discovered I could share my nursing knowledge and be compensated my worth through consulting was the day I was forever changed. You have been equipped with the ability to do the same. My goal is to share opportunities that will allow you to repurpose your healthcare knowledge and experience to impact the healthcare industry at large. 

If you desire to launch a consulting firm and write your own success story I'd be honored to share my journey with you. Network with me on any of the links listed below so we can connect. 

-De'Chelle "Elle" Pierson RN, BSN
CEO/Founder of Digital Healthcare Consultants, LLC
Founder of The Nurse Consultant Network

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